Team TW Drainage are thrilled to announce the precurement of the lucrative Love Digital TV contract. Over at the TWD HQ, we have been working tirelessly to ensure all needs are met to allow us to cover the extensive works required for this unique specification, taking place over the next 12 months. Love Digital TV is one of the countries leading fibre optic broadband and cable television provider; which begs the question, where do TW Drainage fit in to all of this?

This is where our skilled and detail-oriented groundworks team comes into play. We will be required to follow intricate instructions to allow for the installation of the cabelling between the properties and the power connections. This comprises of a multitude of CAT scans to allow for precision when excavating trenches for the installation of the ducting, to allow for the running of cabelling. We will also be required to install footway chambers to ensure easy access for maintenance. Each job will be tailor-made for each estate or property and even the smallest detail will be crucial to complete these works.

Love Digital TV were quick to get the wheels in motion and have already issued our first job, taking place in the Croxted Road Estate, SE21 and will be finished by in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Then it’ll be on to the next!

We look forward to a successful year ahead, and hopefully many more!