Over at TWD HQ, our outstanding HR department have been working relentlessly to seal our CHAS accreditation for yet another year and we are pleased to announce that this has successfully been award!

CHAS, or the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme, is one of many accreditations SSIP (safety scheme in procurement) has to offer, and is essential for us to continue working with some of our biggest clients. Without this, all work across the company would grind to a halt immediately and would not resume until this was re-issued. CHAS is a founding member of SSIP and played an integral part of its launch in May 2009. Supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), SSIP acts as an umbrella organisation by having cross-recognition between its members.

A huge thanks to Gill, Emma and their team for ensuring that all the hard work is done behind the scenes to secure these crucial documents year after year!