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    We’re TW Drainage

    At TW Drainage, we provide high quality drainage, plumbing and groundwork services to both businesses and home customers. With callouts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our emergency service, our mission statement is to solve any problem you might have. After years of experience with plumbing and drainage, we have equipped our teams to handle any issue quickly, efficiently, and with a high level of professionalism.

    We believe our attention to detail is the basis of our success. We put our customers first and our aim is to perform on-time and in-budget – every time.

    We are committed to providing an outstanding service, regardless of what may be involved, and if we can’t do it, the chances are it can’t be done. Our engineers are trained to the highest industry standards in their respective trades and we use the latest technology to ensure that we can always provide a solution, and that you receive the best service possible.

    We strive to ensure every job we do is our very best. We know how important it is to have confidence in those who work in and around your home, which is why all of our operatives are DBS checked (the Disclosure and Baring Service), and will be carrying a photographic identification card. All our staff will attend your property wearing clean company uniforms and in a company-signed vehicle. All our operatives have their driving license regularly checked with the DVLA and are fully insured, and all carry public liability insurance by law to meet with regulations.



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    TW Drainage HQ

    TW Employee Tommy Ward

    Tommy Ward

    As the founder of TW Drainage, I have taken the company from sole trader status to a successful enterprise and employer in under nine years. Both on and off the road we have created an excellent atmosphere and I look forward to the future within this firm. With a new system in place we are now in a position to continue to grow. The future is looking bright!

    tw drainage employee

    Billy Ward

    I joined the company in 2011, and in that time have seen the company grow from a few members of staff with a couple of vans into the established business it is today. My role involves ensuring the day to day running of the business is as smooth as it can be, and each department is running in a functional manner. The company would be nothing without the people that work here, and I’m proud to be part of the team that has helped the company reach the pinnacle within our sector. I’m excited to see what the future holds and where TWD will find itself in the coming years.

    tw drainage employee

    Anthony Hatcher

    My Name is Anthony Hatcher, I have been working for the firm since early 2016. I manage the maintenance and groundwork departments. I can honestly say that this is the best company that I’ve worked for in my working life. We have a good team of office and field staff that make it easy to enjoy working here and give the best service to our customers.

    TW employee Emma Ward

    Emma Ward

    Tom and I began trading as TW Drainage in 2009, over the years the company has gone from strength to strength and we now have a fantastic team with us.  I currently oversee all aspects of health and safety, HR and accounts.  I’m proud of what we have achieved and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

    TW employee Gillian Jarvis

    Gillian Jarvis

    I’ve been working at TW Drainage since the end of 2016. I could not be happier in my role as Health and Safety and HR manager. I feel the company has come a long way and that’s down to a great team.

    TW employee Gillian Ward

    Gillian Ward

    Hi, my name is Gillian Ward, I joined TW Drainage in 2014 – I work in the accounts department within a small team, covering all aspects of finance. I feel very lucky to work with some great people who make coming to work a pleasure!

    TW employee Katie Chequer

    Katie Chequer

    I started working for the firm in 2013 and work within a small team of 3 in the accounts department, supporting all aspects of the finance function within the company. I enjoy working for TWD as there’s an excellent atmosphere within the office and I have a great working and personal relationship with my colleagues, which makes it a joy to come to work everyday.

    tw drainage employee

    Philip Ward

    I have worked for the firm since 2011, I was made redundant and Tom was in need of some help. My duties include buying in materials, helping out with deliveries and keeping an eye on stock. It’s vital that Tom has someone he can trust, being his dad fits the bill.

    tw drainage employee

    Louie Summers

    I joined TW Drainage at the start of 2017. I manage the daily intake of work in the plumbing and groundwork departments, quoting and pricing all of the plumbing works and liaising with our clients to ensure all jobs are complete on time and to the highest standard possible. As part of the 4 out-of-hours co-ordinators, I have the responsibilty of managing the operations for one week in a month. I manage the social media pages and collect data from our customers in orders to gain online reviews to boost our online presence and also assist with the online marketing. I also actively manage and run the background for this website; I hope you’re enjoying it!

    TW Employee Nick Anderson

    Nick Anderson

    Hi my name is Nick Anderson, I have been with the firm since day one, this makes me one of the lucky ones to have witnessed it grow into the excellent firm it is today. I love working for TWD because it’s friendly, busy and a hardworking company where new challenges are overcome daily. #jobforlife

    TW Employee Stacie Somers

    Stacie Somers

    I started working for TW Drainage in 2016.  I currently manage the day-to-day work in the drainage department, working closely with all of our clients to ensure targets are met on time and to the highest standard possible. As part of the 4 out-of-hours co-ordinators, I have the responsibilty of managing the operations for one week in a month. It is a great pleasure to work for TW Drainage!

    TW Employee Sally Johnson

    Sally Johnson

    I have worked at TWD since 2010 and I am happy to say that we have got a really good team here and it is a pleasure to come into work every day.  I send daily updates to clients, detailing all the jobs that have been carried out throughout the day, closing and coding up the jobs from our own system and I also work from client’s external systems, keeping them updated.